Economic Considerations of Mobile Telecom Markets

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Part of my self-directed efforts to get ready for ComCult this fall includes trying to increase my foundational knowledge of telecoms policy. One thing that’s become apparent is although I still consume a lot of information through various feeds (and share some of the telecom relevant stuff on one of my Twitter accounts), it’s been a while since I’ve done a lot of dense, academic reading. As such — and along with my other commitments — it’s taken longer than I expected to get through The Economics of Mobile Telecommunications by Harald Gruber.

One of the things I enjoyed was gaining some sense of the development of mobile telecommunication networks from a policy viewpoint. As my undergrad focused on political science, Gruber’s economic handling of the material also added to some of my struggles. I only took a couple macro economics courses at post-secondary and a political science stats class. When discussing strengths and weaknesses of policy choices by various states, I could follow along fairly well. When he started getting into formulas in the chapters on ‘Determinants of diffusion of services’ and ‘Market conduct and pricing issues’, not quite so smoothly.

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