Reflections on ‘Navigating Convergence II’

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Going through my feed reader, Mark Goldberg had pointed out that the CRTC has released a 2011 edition of the ‘Charting Canadian Communications Change and Regulatory Implications: Navigating Convergence II’ [PDF / HTML]. I’m making my way through the document and thought I’d note a couple quick observations.

According to Media Technology Monitor (MTM), 27 percent of Anglophones and 14 percent of Francophones in Canada own smartphones, up from 6 percent and 4 percent, respectively, in 2007. (pg. 14-15)

What accounts for such a growing discrepency between Anglo- and Francophone adoption of smartphones? Even amongst feature phones there seems to be quite a divide in usage patterns. One table (Figure 7, Cellphone activities of Canadian cellphone owners 18+) indicates that approximately 65% of Anglophones texted in 2010 while only around 45% of Francophones did.

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