A simple experiment highlighting why I’m more of an applied than theoretical researcher.

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Due to scheduling challenges and lack of telecom-specific electives in my program (note to all prospective graduate students: if you’re interested in specific courses within a program, check to see they are actually offered), I ended up taking two research methods courses for my program. I’d originally taken Applied Research Methods: Policy & Regulatory Studies last Winter. Based out of York University’s Osgoode Hall Law School, it was taught by Liora Salter, who specializes these days in public and environmental law but cut her research teeth in communications policy.

While many of my classmates were novice researchers from the environmental studies area, Liora was a fantastic instructor and the material was so practical that more advanced students like myself still really benefitted. From the first class, Liora focused on the process of policy studies. This allowed her to equip students with the tools needed to move forward with their own research projects, regardless of what the area was (international or domestic, federal or municipal, education or spectrum governance, etc).

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