Vertically Integrated Studies

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In Fall 2012, I took CC 8844: Intro to Broadcast Management (Managing In The New Broadcast World) with Doug Barrett. While not an out-of-program course, its home is the Schulich School of Business’ MBA program — so not the standard ComCult course. My aim was two-fold, add a course with a strong, practical component to my MA and provide an increased holistic understanding of the Canadian telecommunications market. It has been one of the best courses in my program and fully achieved both goals.

Going into the course, I knew that I had a strong foundation in the carriage-side of things but I really wanted to ensure that I had a strong grasp on the content-side. Most other students (from the MBA program) had a content background (work with production companies, reporter for a major newspaper, etc), so I was able to effectively provide some technical input when we discussed topics like OTT services. I also was able to provide a pretty detailed response as to why moving to completely wireless home connectivity was unlikely with current infrastructure/business models.

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