Harold Innis and Canadian Telecom Policy

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The last semester my focus had been a bit split.

I came into the year working on a report for Public Safety Canada through Ryerson’s Privacy & Cybercrime Institute. We were tasked with putting together a comparative analysis of strategies and policies states were undertaking involving both pulic and private sectors. It was quite interesting and while not directly focused on my core research, it was definitely related to Canada’s digital policy and was a great opportunity to help contribute to the policy formation process.

More directly, I have had the opportunity to work on a research project around the 700 MHz spectrum auction. Up until now it had been rather short term but with the research leads SSHRC-funding being approved, the team is looking to formulate a longer term project around the auction process. My role is still to be determined, as my part-time graduate student status may have an impact on hours I can be offered. That said, I’m currently working with the post-doc to put together a paper for submission to an academic journal by the end of the summer.

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